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Surbound Expeditions offers unforgettable travel experiences. They provide guests with close encounters of birds, wildlife, and nature, and recognize that the cultures they experience and the people they meet are key elements that help build long lasting memories. Surbound Expeditions is based in the state of Florida, USA. Their philosophy focuses on essential travel components: including the best local tour leaders, small group size, and solid value for money, outstanding pre-departure material, and accommodations that reflect the local character. These accommodations are located at the conservation areas, or near sites of natural history or cultural relevance.




alfredo begazoAlfredo Begazo (TEAM LEADER)

Alfredo is an experienced birder and a well-rounded naturalist. He currently lives in the State of Florida (USA), but spends time in South America, particularly in Peru. He is involved in finding solutions to the challenges migratory birds face in their yearly journey south. He currently works at the Ecological Services Florida Field Office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and is also involved in an Eco-tourism project. He believes Eco-tourism can encourage sustainable practices that benefit local people and help save the World’s biodiversity. Alfredo received a PhD degree from the University of Florida.


adam kentAdam Kent

Since the 1980s, Adam has led birding and natural history tours from Alaska to South America including Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica and various U.S. states. The field work he conducted in Mexico helped lead to the description of a new species of bird, the Nava’s Wren. While working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, he wrote ‘Bird Detective’, evaluated sites for the Great Florida Birding Trail, developed bird lists for Wildlife Management Areas, and served as the state’s Scrub-Jay Conservation Coordinator. Adam is the immediate past President of theFlorida Ornithological Society and is currently enjoying working on the state’s second Breeding Bird Atlas.


tim towles

Tim Towles

After completing a 6-month stint in the Brazilian Amazon helping band birds as part of a long-term research project with the World Wildlife Fund in 1989, Tim has taken a number of birding trips to various countries in Central and South American, including several trips to Peru.  Tim is a wildlife biologist in Florida and a member of the Florida Ornithological Society. He is currently acting as a volunteer County coordinator for the Second Florida Breeding Bird Atlas. He has also participated in Bird A Day for the past couple of years.


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